Dienstag, 24. März 2009

This tuesday I love this

Looking forward to the time when the nights are warm enough to eat outside...Arent this table´and the green chairs GREAT?! Love this picture and the complete decoration. Image found here.
Wish you a beautiful day today - full of love and hugs.
xxx ♥


jane hat gesagt…

Me too!

K hat gesagt…

What a fantastic set up. I adore it! I love outdoor entertaining! It is so fantasy-like and just beautiful. What a great picture!

Geisslein hat gesagt…

Hi K! Yes - that´s really is: fantasy-like! I love it ;o)

Dasha hat gesagt…

Its really like fantasy..i always wanted to have dinner party like that.beutiful!

purple velvet.

        via Pinterest. I am so so so in love with purple velvet. Have a lovely Wednesday today! xo