Samstag, 11. April 2009

This saturday I love this rustic kitchen

I´ve found this via Emmas Designblog - and have immediately fallen in love with this painted cupboards, the great vintage table, the complete style of this beautiful kitchen!
Wish you a very beautiful sunny day today!
xxx ♥


jane hat gesagt…

Me too! Have a happy and sunny Easter!

Anonym hat gesagt…

looks great!

Smorg hat gesagt…

Beautiful kitchen! Not one to cook spaghetti in (if you are anything as clumsy as I am), but if my mom's kitchen had looked anything like this I would have tried harder to learn how to cook properly! ;o)

Happy Easter weekend!

Smorg :o)

two brunettes hat gesagt…

what a beautiful kitchen

The Wanderers' Daughter hat gesagt…

I like that moveable center island! Great idea!

purple velvet.

        via Pinterest. I am so so so in love with purple velvet. Have a lovely Wednesday today! xo