Freitag, 28. August 2009

Great style II!

this is from the great blog "le vestiare de Jeanne" (the other blog of Charlotte from "le vestiare de Clé").
Yes, I´ve told you yesterday: I love, LOVE, LOVE this great style!!! :o)

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jamaicabyles hat gesagt…

These are GORGEOUS! Are they available in the US?Beautiful, simple and just perfect.And they look so comfy!

bereweber hat gesagt…

hallo dear Geisslein, yes!! this style is very cool, specially to survive the heat wave we are having in Southern California right now... i LOOOOVE the last blue dress, i have always liked open style A dresses, you have great taste in clothing, in everything :)

hope you have a lovely weekend!

koralee hat gesagt…

So happy to have found your lovely blog...I adore these simple and lovely...your blog is beautiful...I am off to read some more of your past posts! happy weekend to you!

Georg hat gesagt…

Hallo Geisslein,

Your female readers seem to agree with you.

The only one I can understand is Berenice because she mentions heat. Ample clothes make sens in a desert place like San Diego.

As to me, I thought first you were joking and only those comments made it clear that you are serious.

The first girlie wears pants of unequal length! To me she is just covered but poorly.

The second one seems to be a nun on an outdoor mission. And she is scratching her behind.

The third girly might be the one Berenice mentioned. But this is not beautiful it is just a round peace of cloth hanging around her. Normally t his outfit is worn by babies.

The last one is wearing two sacks with different lengths.

Cheers Geisslein, show more of the stuff.


Gaia hat gesagt…

hello darling, I've visited her blog and ... j'adore!
Fantastic simple and elegant!
How are you?
how was your weekend ?

koralee hat gesagt…

Just me again...thank you for your visit...yes those are my feet...I love feet shots...I have alot of my feet on my blog!

purple velvet.

        via Pinterest. I am so so so in love with purple velvet. Have a lovely Wednesday today! xo