Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

This sundy night I love this bathroom

Found this beautiful bathroom-picture via the nice blog "Pretty far west" and immediately have fallen in love with this great fire place! That´s SO beautiful, I think, a fire place in the bathroom - aaaaah that´s sooo stylish and luxury! LOVE IT! A little luxury would be nice now ;o)
Wish you a great stylish day - or a cuddly night, for me it is time to go to bed now.
Nighty night

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jamaica byles hat gesagt…

love the green tile around the fireplace....beautiful.

blue moss hat gesagt…

If I had this bathroom....I don't think I would ever leave it...
Happy monday

knack hat gesagt… very neat!

happy monday to you! xo

Wilhelmiina hat gesagt…

Beatiful picture .
Wilhelmiina from finland

Marisa hat gesagt…

i MUST have a claw foot tub.... someday.
Hope your day is the very best!

Maia hat gesagt…

Oh, a warm, scented bath in a big clawfoot tub would feel nice on a grey autumn day!

Mise hat gesagt…

Thanks for the kind link! I'm still struggling to choose the right free-standing bath amid so many lovely images.

1richtungsblog hat gesagt…

Lieben Dank fuer deinen Kommentar bei mir! :) Du hast einen wunderschönen Blog mit vielen Links! Werde nun öfters bei dir vorbeischauen!
Lg aus Graz! -Anita

Salama hat gesagt…

I'm very fond of fireplaces in a bathroom - the touch of green around the fire place is absolutely refreshing <3

purple velvet.

        via Pinterest. I am so so so in love with purple velvet. Have a lovely Wednesday today! xo