Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

beautiful antique style

Found these pictures via the lovely blog Jamaica Byles. Isn´t this a great style! I love the antique and vintage touch in things. Hope your day is a very lovely one today!!!
xxx ♥ ☆


The Design Notebook hat gesagt…

Oh I love it!!! The first one is my favourite!

Val hat gesagt…

I love the colors of these rooms .Happy to have found your blog,I love your"vision"

Marisa hat gesagt…

this is exactly my style. I LOVE all your finds. When I finally talk husband into some remodeling I am coming to you for pictures for my look book.... These are PERFECT

Pippi hat gesagt…

Thaks for showing these great photos! Love it!

Smorg hat gesagt…

Hallo Geisslein,
I like that bed in the 2nd photo! :o) When the weather is gray and drizzly like it is now I'd just stay in the cozy bed and watch the rain from inside that big window! ;o)

Hope February is treating you well there in Frankfurt. Cheery greetings from pleasantly cool San Diego,
Smorgy :o)

Emma hat gesagt…

I Like the study piture best.
Emma x

cherryblossomgirl hat gesagt…

A beautiful style!
Love the "petite" spaces!
Wish you a lovely weekend!

Gaia hat gesagt…

Have a great weekend!
I love all your little treasures!

Maranda @ {Evoke Images} hat gesagt…

oooooh! I just love these images! I am such a sucker for bookshelves, and I especially love the one in Picture Two... Is that a little dog on the pillows in the second picture?

(I have moved, btw! New home is www.evoke-images-blog.com!)

Have a super beautiful weekend!

This Makes My Day hat gesagt…

Nice bedside table and I love the old style kitchen, very lovely!

purple velvet.

        via Pinterest. I am so so so in love with purple velvet. Have a lovely Wednesday today! xo