Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

This post is for Micaela!

One of the most cutest girls ever I´ve found here in blogland, Micaela, has made a post about me and my little blog! I am SO HAPPY now, because (unfortunatelly I´ve just found this today...urgh..but better now than never, yes?!) this girl ALWAYS find such lovely and beautiful words, she is such a sensitive, beautiful and lovely Texas-Girl with such a BIG HEART and I´m shure a beautiful soul, I´m so glad that I´ve found her and her blog!
Micaela, you´ve made this cold and rainy evenening so much better for me now...thank you for your always lovely words...thank you for beeing a part in my blogland!!! Wish you a wonderful day today and sending you a BIG HUG, some sparkling glitter and a BIG KISS! ;o)


Micaela hat gesagt…


i should have mentioned it to you huh? ha! but! maybe you were supposed to discover it on this dreary day yes? it's the same weather here in Virginia and i love it when it rains! it's my happy weather and the perfect reason to skip the gym today and instead eat some comfort food ;)

i meant EVERY word i said on my post darling girl!!! EVERY WORD.

j'adore you!!!

kisses!!!! xoxo

Geisslein hat gesagt…

yes, you are right, it should be that I had to find it this rainy evening...I feel a little bit sad today, but you´ve made it much better ;o) thank you thank you :o)
Hope your day is a cozy and lovely one today!
kisses back!!! xoxo

purple velvet.

        via Pinterest. I am so so so in love with purple velvet. Have a lovely Wednesday today! xo