Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Happy Birthday to me.

Yes, time flies, today I turn 42 - hooray for me!
And because I have a not very easy time at the moment (life takes bravery sometimes, right?!)
I try everyday to keep my head high, to encourage myself, I dry the tears and step by step I go on my way and I try everyday not to loose my hope. 
So this is my "courage-post" for me today, my present for myself.

May this year allow me to move closer to fulfilling my deepest dreams.
May this year bring me to the goal of my desires and let my wish come true.

So I try everyday to have happy feelings!
And because I know that I am a strong "girl", I NEVER give up!

Yes, there is...
Hope your day is a wonderful day today.
Filled with love.


Martha hat gesagt…

Happy happy birthday..And may your dreams come true..
A big hug from me:)

Shelley Trbuhovich hat gesagt…

happy birthday, i hope that this birthday year is your best yet and that your great attitude will take you closer to all those things you would like in your future. i love your blog. x

Something White hat gesagt…

Many best congratulations to you! And that happiness may be on your side always, even in heavy storms!

Herzlichen Gruss aus Belgien und alles Gute,

bicocacolors hat gesagt…

Muchísimas felicidades desde España!!!

Y un gran abrazo,

Anonym hat gesagt…

bon anniversaire !!! Grosses bises, de très très loin... des Andes ! Je te souhaite le meilleur.

Psychedelicsister hat gesagt…

Happy Birthday!
What inspiring words.
Hope this day is wonderful for you :)


Herzkönigin hat gesagt…

Auch noch mal auf diesem Weg...
Alles Liebe für Dich!!!

Marz hat gesagt…

Happy Birthday darling girl!!! :) I wish you so much happiness and all the love in the world for this upcoming year. I hope it's your best one yet! :) Take your amazing advice and I have a feeling it will be :) xoxo

john alexander hat gesagt…

Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you ... *sing* ... Lg und alles gute

bohemian hat gesagt…

Happy birthday!!

berenice hat gesagt…

Feliz Cumpleaños dear Geisslein!! that's Happy Birthday in Spanish, i hope all the harsh times pass soon and that you are always your happy sunny self! i send you many hugs from Sunny California and my best wishes always

and 42? huh? superb! you were born in 1969, like me! what a great year :))

alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Silvia {enmiespaciovital} hat gesagt…

A little bit late but I hope you had a lovely, lovely day with all your family and friends.
Big hug and kisses,

purple velvet.

        via Pinterest. I am so so so in love with purple velvet. Have a lovely Wednesday today! xo