Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011

I have fallen in love with this kitchen

Isn´t this kitchen AMAZING?!
I have fallen in love today.
Found via the inspiring blog "amourette".


bohemian girl hat gesagt…

This is totally fantastic! I love the rustique style and is it a discoball I see or a lamp? It's so cool! Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog. Comments meens a lot to me! Thanks! Hi to you from Norway!

dee hat gesagt…

oh yes, we'll be fighting over this one....i love it too. thanks for the comments on 'shehadusathello', your blog is beautiful and i will definitely be stopping by. greetings from a glorious day in London.

purple velvet.

        via Pinterest. I am so so so in love with purple velvet. Have a lovely Wednesday today! xo