Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Outside living

via tumblr
Because it´s a warm and sunny day today
I feel like posting beautiful pictures about the outside-living.
Hope you enjoy this day as much as you can!


Cara hat gesagt…


Goldenberry hat gesagt…

I wish I was there !

Anna Thompson hat gesagt…

Hi Geisslein,

I love the interior design pictures you've put up :) I wanted to ask you something about your blog - what's the best way to contact you? Please feel free to email me at anna.t@arcadianhome.com when you have a moment. Thanks!


Anna Thompson hat gesagt…

Hello! I love the pictures you've put up! I have a question about your blog - could you contact me at anna.t@arcadianhome.com? Thank you and hope to talk to you soon :)


purple velvet.

        via Pinterest. I am so so so in love with purple velvet. Have a lovely Wednesday today! xo