Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

I NEED to watch this movie: It´s complicated.

OOOOHHHH - I really NEED to watch it! I am shure, I will LOVE this movie!!!
Because I LOVE Meryll, I LOVE Alec in funny parts, I LOVE the complete style of this movie, oh yes, THIS IS MY MOVIE!!! huuuuuh - looking foward.... :o)
Has anybody seen this movie already?


Nadine hat gesagt…

I want to see the movie, too!! Have you seen Julie and Julia yet? I really liked it and it's about blogging as well so it was easy for me to identify myself with the main character.

Micaela hat gesagt…


i looove meryll and steve martin.

i watched this movie hoping for a sign...

a sign to take in my own life.

i think i got what i was looking for ;)

let me know what you think when you see it.

a big kiss from the texas girl in chilly virginia... xo

vintage simple hat gesagt…

Hee,hee! Go see it! Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Gesslein..! I wish you nothing but beautiful, wonderful things for 2010.


Sarah Jane hat gesagt…

i saw it over the holidays! so funny, such a joy watching Meryl and I love Alec:)

purple velvet.

        via Pinterest. I am so so so in love with purple velvet. Have a lovely Wednesday today! xo